Thursday, October 8, 2009


Our NT scan was great! Everything is measuring perfectly and all of the vital parts are there. It is so amazing how they could tell that there is fluid in her tummy, both sides of the brain present and the positioning of the diaphragm.

Hubby and I were both in awe at how active the baby was. Kicking legs and waving hi! The tech's guess at the gender was...GIRL! She said it's only about 80% accurate so I'm not buying any hair bows or tutus until I get another ultrasound.

Here is a picture of our beautiful baby:


awwwwww! this is an awesome ultrasound pic! So cute!
Yay for girls! The OC has a new generation of sassy girls coming in 2010! woohoo!

congrats on the beautiful pic! and the 80% chance of the baby being a girl. ;)

uggh, aren't ultrasounds the best? I think I teared up at every ultrasound, and every dr appt (when we listened to the heartbeat).

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