Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I've finally caught up at work and have a free moment to post some pictures. We spent 8 days on the Big Island and we had a great time. Hubby qualified for this trip through his work. The work trip was only 4 days, so we went 4 days early with some of his co-workers. The only reason I wanted to come home was to see my dogs :)

Getting a snack at the airport Hubby's flying survival kit Best shaved ice ever...

Black Sand Beach
Akaka Falls
Here is where the free trip began...

Welcome dinner-all you can eat and drink. Please ignore my husband's hideous shirt, he's so "that guy" that loves to wear things for shock value.
Boooooring dinner where all booze and food was withheld during any presentations.

Spending a day out by ourselves

Cracking a macadamia nut

Lamest shaved ice ever

Botanical Gardens w/ Hubby's co-worker and his wife

BJ Penn's gym in Hilo. I've never seen 2 boys so excited about a gym.

Yummy room service

Waiting for our shuttle to the airport.

Overall, a great vacation and much needed break. Now back to life living at the In-laws. Five months to go!


So fabulous! Your dresses are all super cute!

looks like an awesome trip!

and seriously, carrie underwood has NOTHIN' on you! you look fabulous!

lots of luck surviving the inlaws for the next few months :)

I agree with WM - your outfits are adorable!

GL with the in-laws.

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