Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yum Yum!

Friday night hubby brought home goodies.
I have only had a Sprinkles cupcake one other time and it was darn good so I was excited to try these. From the top left, there was chocolate on chocolate, chocolate on vanilla, vanilla on vanilla, red velvet and chocolate marshmallow.
Chocolate marshmallow definitely is my favorite. It tastes like a fancy ding dong! The doggies even got their own treats.

The good thing about living with the ILs is that there are others to eat junk food. So I have only had a bite of each one and there is only one left. Especially since hubby is not much of a sweets person, when we were on our own I would have had to eat them myself. It would be wrong to let them go to waste, right?


Don't miss the key lime! Limited time only until the 14th!

chocolate marshmallow? ::swoon::

oh, i wanna try the chocolate marshmallow one. yum!

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