Friday, January 9, 2009

Our new house, a work in progress

The only thing we have really done is paint and get some furniture. The next step is to get some stuff up on the walls!
The living room:

The kitchen:

It's hard to tell but the walls are light green. I'm doing shabby chic with pink and green.The dining room:

This is the kitchen table I had growing up. My parents gave it to us a few years ago but this is the first pace we could actually use it. I'd really like to have it refinished in a dark brown.Hubby's office:

It drives me nuts but he wanted the desk in the middle of the room.

Or bedroom:

I thought I had outgrown Ikea furniture but I loved this bed and it was only $149.


I love the new place :-)

Laura are you guys renting or did you guys finally buy?

Very cool bTW

We are renting. We are hoping to buy in a year once hubby has a job and we have a steady income again.

The new place looks fabulous, congrats!


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