Monday, February 16, 2009

Life just got even better

Hubby surprised me with two things on Valentine's Day:




On Saturday morning, Hubby rushed off because he had to take care of an errand. I didn't think much of it and lounged around. He called me like 2 hours later and said we had to go somewhere. So I got ready quickly and we headed off. As we were pulling off of the freeway, he made me close my eyes. We were getting off the 55 at Harbor so I figured maybe Ikea? We need a few inexpensive pieces for our living room so I would have been fine with that! After a few minutes we pulled in somewhere and he led me out of the car. All of the sudden I heard a car start(remote start!!!) and he had me open my eyes. There was my beautiful new car in front of me! Then I opened the center console and the Itouch was in there. He engraved it on the back, "Happy Valentine's Day Mrs. Brock 2009. I love you." That night we went to Roy's in Newport Beach and had an awesome dinner. It was seriously the best Valentine's Day ever.

BTW, I'm not in some retro marriage where he makes all of the decisions. We have been car shopping for awhile and he knew this was exactly the car I wanted.



Quite the surprises! :)

What a sweet Valentines :-)

Ok the car was cool but the engraving on the itouch made me swoon a little.


What a great V-day!!!

so awesome!!

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