Friday, February 27, 2009

Roaming in Los Angeles

The friday before Hubby started his new job, I took the day off so we could spend some time together. We decided to go up to Hollywood and roam around since I had never really done the whole touristy thing. It was pretty rainy so we didn't get to do much but we did hit up the Guiness World Record Museum:

Mann's Chinese Theater:

And the Hollywood Wax Museum:

We parked at the Hollywood & Highland Center and on our way to the car what did I spy with my little eye? I spotted a Beard Papa's! Or Bearded Papa's as I like to call it since that's what FGD first told me.


We took our cream puffs to go and enjoyed them in the car. After that we went to downtown LA and found the Grand Central Market. We got some good produce and ate some yummy Chinese food.

Hubby had never been to China town so we headed there in search of some tortugas as we call them.
He kept calling my SIL to ask where she got her turtles and the best way to ask for them. I was so confused and I finally told him to just ask someone in one of the stores. Little did I know, they are illegal. After wandering a little marketplace, we found someone selling them and picked out our new pets, Byong Sun (the kid from kicking and screaming) and Beam (Hubby's friend from Japan, because it's all the same right? j/k). After that we headed home and the next day was Valentine's day, and you know how that went :)


mmmm...beard papas. yum yum yum.

How fun! You were so close to me! :)


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