Friday, November 20, 2009



= an eventful night!

Thanks to the darn 55 freeway traffic I got myself smooshed between two cars. Everyone was fine and my car really isn't that bad. I feel bad for the girl driving the BMW. Her car is really messed up and she felt so terrible for hitting a pregnant girl.

We went to the ER just to be on the safe side. Thankfully they were efficient and I was in a bed fairly quickly. If I had been 2 weeks further they would have taken to me Labor and Delivery. I had an ultrasound and baby was doing fine. She was wiggling around without a care in the world. My placenta was free of damage and my cervix was closed.

I asked the tech to check the gender and she confirmed it's still a girl!

Now just gotta wait to get my car fixed. I hate driving around with a messed up bumper. It broke my parking sensors so now I'm going to have to be uber careful backing up.


OMG girl! how scary! That's been my biggest fear. So glad everything checked out ok and you and baby are fine! :)

How scary! Glad you and the baby weren't hurt!

Watch out for small children when you back up! ;)

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