Monday, March 17, 2008

Mmmmm Fiber

I know how beneficial it is to incorporate fiber in your diet and as a weight watcher I know it's important because enough fiber can lower the point value of a food. I try to get it in as much as I can but finding high fiber foods that taste good can be a challenge. I had heard of FiberOne but was always afraid to try it. Let's be honest, it looks like a bowl of twigs. Through the The Grocery Game I was able to try some of their bars. I figured, even if they taste like crap, I'm only out like 50 cents. I bought the Oats and Chocolate Bar and much to my surprise, the were awesome!

They are nice and chewy and pack 9 grams of fiber in each bar. That's more than a third of your daily recommend fiber intake. After trying these, I decided to give their cereal a try. I still couldn't bring myself to try original so I tried the Honey Clusters.

Yummmmy and one cup has half your fiber for the day! That's insane! Now that I am hooked on Fiber One products, I signed up for their site and received a sample of their new cereal in the mail yesterday. It's called Caramel Delight and it tastes a lot like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Yummy yum yum!


I can't stop laughing at the title of this post.

The Honey Clusters sound good!

give the regular cereal a try some time, it's actually not bad. promise. :)

have you ever tried adding benefiber to your food? i got some for free with GG but haven't used it yet.

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