Thursday, March 20, 2008

Step Aerobics

Awhile back I started taking a step aerobics class. I was looking for a change to my workout and had always enjoyed it when we did it in high school PE. The first class I took was insane. The instructor went a million miles a minute and didn't give any instruction. I felt discouraged but knew I wanted to give a different instructor a try. I tried a class with an instructor I had in the past for yoga. It was a blast! It's a lot like a dance class with routines and different moves. So it keeps my interest and time goes so quickly because I'm focused.
The great thing about it is that you can tailor the class to your level. For instance, when you are doing knee lifts from side to side you can add in a turn or extra step between lifts. Also, you choose how many risers you add under your step. Last night I was beginning to think maybe one riser was becoming to easy. Coincidentally, the instructor decided to play "musical steps" where whenever she calls it, you have to go find a different step to use. While doing this I got to try a step with 2 risers. I was dying after 10 seconds. I'll stick to my 1 riser for now!
If you have ever thought about trying a step class but are afraid you will be lost, check out It has a description as well as an animated picture demonstrating the basic moves.


maybe you could wear ankle weights? i have 4lb ankle weights (two 2lbs ones) and wear them in the winter under jeans... that might get the change you needed????

i love step class! :) my teacher at the gym (who i now consider a friend) is also a stand up comedianne and that really keeps the class moving as well.

10 years got us these nifty weighted gloves that we are suppoused to be using for TKB.

Really works your arms out!

Maybe those could be a nice addition to step. If you ever want to try TKB give me a holler you don't live too far from me and I would love to work out with you.

You got my email right?

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