Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My first blog...

Just a little warning, my life isn't that exciting. In a nutshell, I'm 25 and have been married since July 2oo6. We live in a quaint 1 bedroom house with our 2 Boston Terriers. I do have a few hobbies that keep me entertained so I thought I would start this blog to share them with others. They are as follows:

1. Working out

I started working out consistently about 6 month ago. I have NEVER worked out that consistently in my whole life. I have never felt better and I'm working my way toward a rockin' bod. I recently changed up my routine after months of the eliptical. I could feel myself growing tired of the monotony and decided I would try something new. I started taking a step aerobics class once a week and now run and ride the bike. I'm even training for the half marathon of the 2008 Nike Women's Marathon in October. I signed up with a group of Nesties. It's a raffle system and they only choose 20,000 people. So I'm not sure if we will be chosen but I'm hoping that if not we will find another one.

2. Weight Watchers

I found WW over 4 years ago. I had a lot of success but never made it to my goal. This past fall I decided I was tired of my weight going up and down so I signed back up and went full speed ahead. I've learned that it really isn't a diet, it's a way of life. As corny as the commercials are, they hit the nail on the head. I hit my WW goal weight in December and am really close to my personal goal. I've decided to work on just maintaining my weight for a while, which is a totally new way of thinking. I've never been in this position so I'm learning to continue this lifestyle without the excitement of watching the scale go down. I'm learning to judge my successes in other ways like my clothes or my increasing physical fitness.

3. The Grocery Game

A few months ago I learned about this from a coworker. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it's website that publishes a list of all the great deals using sale prices and coupons for certain grocery stores. For a small fee, you can have access to those lists. I love saving money (who doesn't?) and thought I would give it a try. It has become my addiction! We save so much money and get to try products we wouldn't necessarily try at the regular price.

4. Sewing

In my quest for total domestication I askd for a sewing machine for my birthday last year. My projects are still simple but I really enjoy it and hope to try more challenging projects soon.

So that's


Yay! Hooray for Boston Terrier lovers! You sound so positive in your post, I am excited to watch your transformation while you train for the Nike Halfie and continue to do WW. PS - I'd like to request furbaby pics please.

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

Sweet, a new blog to read. I think it is great that you are doing wws and working out. Go you!

I love how I beat wemo to the first blog comment. *Beaming*

Hi running teammate!

good to see you out here in the blogosphere :)

i've been working out regularly for just over 2 years now and it really is amazing how it can totally change your world. congrats on the weight loss :)

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