Monday, January 25, 2010

7 years

Yesterday marked the 7 year anniversary of our first date. Time flies when you're having fun :)

28 weeks, 1 day

I can't believe I'm 28 weeks! Approximately 12 more weeks to go. As much as I'm enjoying this pregnancy I'm looking forward to the end. I can't wait to meet her and I can't wait to wear normal clothes again. I know it will still be awhile after she is born before I can wear my pre-pregnancy clothes but it will be nice to be working towards getting smaller rather than bigger.

This is my third week of unemployment and I've found I'm getting a bit restless. The weather sure hasn't helped. There are things I've wanted to do like go to the dog park or go for walks but instead I've been stuck in the house. Today was better since it was nice out and I was able to take the dogs for a walk. I really think I need to come up with a list of projects to accomplish before baby arrives to have something to focus on.

I do have some things coming up that will provide some excitement. This Thursday is my follow-up ultrasound to check on the placenta previa. I'm really excited because I'm dying to see how much she has grown. I'm feeling lots of movement and I'm hoping we'll be able to tell whether it's kicks or punches I'm feeling. The other night my belly felt really tight and I told my friend Kristen to feel how hard my uterus is. She said it was actually either the baby's head or butt because when she pushed it moved away. Since then I've felt it a few times. I can't believe she is big enough to feel from the outside!

Next weekend is my first baby shower and then the following week I have my 30 week check up and we begin our child birth classes.

I have a feeling time is really going to start flying...

Monday, January 18, 2010

GD Free!!

I passed my glucose tolerance test so no gestational diabetes for me!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Catching Up

Wow, I just realized it's been almost 2 months since my last post. A lot sure has happened since then. I'll spare you the soap opera version and use bullets :)

  • found out I have marginal placenta previa. I go back in 2 weeks for an ultrasound and I'm praying it has moved. Then I will be cleared to exercise and do major housework again.
  • Hubby got laid off. Total bummer but at the same time he was miserable so it has been a small blessing.
  • I got laid off. It's been kind of a relief because I can relax and get ready for baby but at the same time it is stressful with both of us unemployed. I was lucky enough to get a few weeks notice and a good severance.

Here I am at 26 weeks and a poll to get you up to speed. Now that I'm not working part of my duty as a housewife will be to keep this thing up to date.

How far along? 26 weeks, 4 days

Total weight gain/loss:+30lbs. Kill me now. I've made some radical changes to my eating habits so hopefully at my next appointment I haven't gained any more.

Maternity clothes? The only thing I can squeeze into these days.

Stretch marks? Nope *fingers crossed* it stays that way

Sleep: Not too bad. I do find I spend a lot of the night switching from side to side. The whole "not being able to sleep on my back" thing is killer on the hips.

Best moment this week: There hasn't been anything in particular, just her constant movements make me happy :)

Movement: All the time. I think she is having her own dance party in my womb.

Food cravings: Cereal. I've always liked cereal but never craved it or would consider it a meal. Now it's always my go to when I'm hungry.

Gender: We've been told girl 4 times. I'm hoping they are all right :)

Labor Signs: None. I have had started having Braxton Hicks contractions but thankfully I know enough to not think I'm in labor

Belly Button in or out?: Still an innie, I'm hoping it pops soon. I think my innie makes my bump look more like a gut and less like a baby belly.

What I miss: exercise. Seriously, I'm not just saying that. I watch Biggest Loser and I'm so jealous of their insane workouts.

What I am looking forward to: starting her nursery!

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