Thursday, May 22, 2008

Busy, busy but tons of fun

Wow ever since last Friday it has been a whirlwind of activities. Thankfully all fun but exhausting none the less.

We started the weekend off at the Angels' game with the in-laws. I don't remember much about the game but I do remember the yummy frozen lemonade!
On Saturday we had not 1 but 2 weddings to attend. Not only were they on different sides of the county but one was more formal so we stopped at home in between for a costume change. The first wedding was for Megan and Eric in Fountain Valley.
Awhile back I had introduced my sister to Megan and now she works for her. So she was at the wedding.

The wedding was beautiful and really reflected their style. It was great to see some friends we hadn't seen in awhile, 2 of whom are pregnant.
Luckily their wedding moved quickly so we were able to stay to watch them cut the cake before we left.
We headed home to change and on the way the hubby had a brilliant idea. He called his brother who lives in LA to pick us up. His wife doesn't drink so we could all take full advantage of the open bar. They showed up just as we were ready and we were off to Laguna Beach for the next one. We arrived in plenty of time since we had to take a shuttle. Plenty of people warned us about how cold it would be. So we brought our coats and my sister-in-law even wore pants so she wouldn't freeze. When we arrived it was blazing hot. We walked down to the ceremony and it was beautiful. Thanks to my in-laws arriving early, we scored a seat in the shade. After the ceremony we moved over to the grass for some cocktails and appetizers. One of the featured drinks was the key lime martini which was yummy!
After awhile we were able to go to our seats. Lucky us, our table was in the sun and all the umbrellas were occupied. I quickly became an unhappy camper. It was still a million degrees and it was going to be a long time until the sunset. After a lot of complaining, they finally gave us an umbrella. It was the one shading the cake but as bitchy as it sounds, at that point I didn't really care. Once we were in the shade I was content.

After the dinner, the live band showed up. Now, I was really skeptical about how good a live band would be. An '80s cover band maybe but this was definitely not that. They started playing and everyone continued drinking and that is when things got interesting.
The band provided props so things got crazy.
We stayed until the bride and groom left and then drove home. It was still incredibly hot.
Sunday was spent doing errands and the hubby and his dad hooked up our new(to us) washer. Then I had to take the doggies to get their shots. Poor babies, they were not happy with me!
One of my besties and her family were coming down from up north to have their first family trip to Disneyland. Since our house is teeny tiny, my in-laws so kindly let them stay at their house. I was going to stay there with them so after work I headed to the in-laws. I had planned on going to the gym but realized I didn't have all my workout clothes with me. So once I arrived I improvised with some clothes I had there. My mother-in-law watches hubby's cousin in the afternoons so he took me on a run through the park nearby. Man did that kick my butt! There were hills and much of it was a dirt trail so it was killer. My thighs were burning. That night K and her family arrived and we headed to BJs. I have to say, her kids are so cute and entertaining. Even though they were exhausted from the long drive they still had tons of energy.
That next morning, we were up early and headed to Disneyland. This was the kids first time and they were pumped!
God was definitely looking out for us because it was nice and cloudy but not too cold. After a slight mishap with their tickets, we were in. We headed for the new(ish) Nemo ride. The wait was "only" 90 minutes so we decided that was worth it. The ride was cool and the kids really got a kick out of it.
We spent the rest of the day hitting as many rides as we could. The park wasn't that busy so we were able to get to a lot.
We made sure to see the Jedi Training Academy. It takes a special kind to act in this show.
We made it to Main Street in plenty of time to get a spot for the parade and get a snack. Hubby and I took advantage of our spot right in front of the candy store and bought the boys the biggest lollipops we could find.

I know K will get me back when I have kids!
We enjoyed the parade and then headed home exhausted. The next day they got up and went to California Adventure. I have no idea how they had the energy, I was wiped. I am used to doing Disneyland at adult speed, but on kid speed you move a lot faster! It's good practice, right? It was so great to spend time with our friends, it's sad being so far away :(
Luckily, I've been able to work from home the last two days. Our house was a disaster from all our busyness so I've been able to get it back in order. Tomorrow we are off to Santa Maria for a car show. Thank goodness it's a long weekend!


Oh. Mah. Gah. You are seriously getting positively tiny!

So fun! :)

what a whirlwind of activity! i'm glad the sun let up a bit for you at D-land.

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