Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Is it Friday yet? It seems like the shorter the week the more the days drag. This morning has been nothing but a headache and I went to Home Goods in hopes of finding a few things I was looking for. All I wanted was a new tablecloth or placemats, a cupcake carrier and some sort throw pillows for our bed. I found nada! My kitchen is pink and so I figured it would be easy to find something that matched. Not the case. All of the pink tablecloths and placemats were ugly and old ladyish. There were really cute polka dot ones that came in every color but pink. Our bedroom is pink and brown (I know I'm really lucky to have found a man who doesn't mind all the pink). The throw pillows suprised me too because they were lacking any thing with even a hint of pink. The cupcake carrier I wasn't as suprised about but I was hopeful. Oh well I guess I'll have to look online and see if I can find something.


I saw a few different kinds of cupcake carriers at Mervyns recently

I love that your bedroom is pink and brown.

first - i hate google reader cause i can't post a comment easily!

second - my co worker is looking for cupcake carriers too. she found this one at C&B which includes the banking pan. link

or bed bath and beyond has these (your the 20% coupon they have in the sunday papers) link

and target never fails me...
link or link 2

pink kitchen?! cute!

please tell me it's filled with all the cute pink kitchen aid stuff they have out right now :) oh, and if you don't have them already, WS has a great set of pink melamine mixing bowls. it's the only pink i'm allowed in our kitchen, since they can stay packed away on a shelf ;)

Blogger ate my comment! I said that I love Homegoods, but that they have a lot of stuff in common with Marshalls, but I've found that Marshalls will carry it for cheaper.

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