Monday, June 16, 2008

Another bag

Even though I am pretty sure my mom doesn't even know what a blog is, I didn't want to post this until I had given it to her. We didn't get to celebrate Mother's day with my mom until this past weekend so I had some extra time to get her a gift. I sent her pictures of the dogs' overnight bag and she asked me if I would make her one some time. It was perfect timing since I only had half of her gift. This conversation took place on Wednesday so I knew I had time. My mom is like me and loves all things pink, plus her dog is a girl so I knew it had to be pink and girly. I went to Joann's and was really discouraged since all of the dog stuff was boyish and all of the girly fabric had cats on them. I finally found a fabric that would do but I wasn't super happy about it. It was cute but not as girly as I had hope. The next day, I went back hoping to find a good ribbon or something to make it cuter. I always browse through the sale fabric and lucky for me, I found the same fabric that I had used but pink and black. Even better, it was on sale for $3 a yard. I had only started cutting the other fabric so I hadn't put too much time into it. I figure use it to make her a quilt or something for her birthday.

Since both dog fabrics were really cheap I had bought all that was left so now I have enough to make a girl quilt and a boy quilt for the future. I figure I have at least 2 years :)


That is so flippin cute. I love the fabric. I wish I could make something like that.

so cute! now your doggies are twinsies :)

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