Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Oh the pain...

I tried a new class at the gym last night, Camp24. I thought, "Hey it's only 30 minutes it can't be that hard." Holy effin' crap it was intense. The first 10 minutes were lunges and the rest was a mix of squats and arm exercises with weights. Oh my gosh I can't even describe how much my thighs were burning 5 minutes in. By the end of the class my legs were shaking. Today my toosh and my thighs are so sore. I can't even walk normally. As much as I'm hurting, it was a great class and I plan to make it part of my routine.


oooh, that just means it's working ;)

glad to hear you found a cool new class!

Awesome! I was mentioning to the girls that I want to try this class this Saturday!

I am hurting just reading about it!

that does not sound fun. at all.

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