Monday, June 9, 2008

Wii Fit

Thanks to MIL's connections, I got a Wii Fit yesterday. I am so excited. I've been so bitter when I've heard people talking about it. As soon as I got home last night I set it up and got started. The first thing you do is your body test. As silly as it sounds I was nervous about the weight part. If you can't tell I have a lot of psychological issues with my weight and one of them is the time and circumstances that I weigh myself. I only weigh myself in the mornings, nekked and with no food in my belly. Most normal people can step on the scale at other times or with clothes on and attribute an extra pound or two to clothes or just the time of day. Even though I know all the reasons your weight can be different, it still can really mess with my head to see a higher number on the scale. I can quickly start to convince myself that it's not those reasons and I'm a screw up and must have done something. Which then turns into, the "I'm a big fat failure" mentality and the next thing you know... So anyways, because of this I was a little leery of the body test. Luckily, it asks you what you think your clothes weigh so I used that to account offset my clothes as well as that extra "late in the day" pound. My BMI was in the normal range but the computer then tells me that "those with a BMI of 22 are less likely to be sick" so since mine is 22.39, I should work on getting it down to 22. Listen here Wii Fit, I get sick like ever 2 years and have had friends who are barely over 100 pounds that are sick every other week. I don't buy that one.

The next step was the Center of Balance test. You stand there and it tells you how evenly you balance your weight. Mine wasn't bad but they told me I could improve on it. Then came the Balance test.

You shift your weight so that you are in the blue zones and you hold it there for 3 seconds. Your goal is to get through 5 levels in 30 seconds. With each level the blue zones get smaller, making it harder for you to hold. I thought I did pretty well, making it through 4 of the 5 levels. I was wrong. It told me my balance was not good and then it asked me, "Do you trip a lot when you walk?" Really? Really? I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a klutz and I have the occasional stumble but I can make it through a day without falling down, TYVM!

After all that, with my Mii waiting anxiously, it calculated my Wii age. I was hoping Wii would consider me as fit and nimble as an 18 year old but realistically I thought I would at least be my own age. Nope, 38! Seriously, WTF? Not that there is anything wrong with 38 but being 26 this makes Mii 12 years older.

I picked myself up off the floor, wiped my tears and moved on with the setup. From there it has you set goals. So I told it I want to lose 10 pounds by August. Then I moved onto the activities. So far I've tried Soccer (heading balls), Ski slalom and jump, hula hoop, basic run, step, push ups and warrior pose. My favorite is probably the hula hoop since it got my heart rate up. Hubby says I look like a weirdo but since I'm not very coordinated I can't seem to twirl my hips in a real circle.

Overall I'm pretty happy with it. My only complaint is that there is a lot of standing around. Most of the activities are maybe 1 minute long and even if you keep doing the same activity, there is still a waiting time after each try where it gives you your score and shows your ranking. Hopefully, they'll come out with some activities that are more like work out videos where you are moving for a long period of time. This won't be replacing my regular workout routine but I know it will be a fun way to get some extra exercise and improve my balance. I'm determined to be a Wii teenager.


From what little I know, the Wii Fit sounds like the most judgmental video game console ever!

i hope it starts playing nice with you soon!

so jealousE that you have a wii fit!!

it does seem to be a bit feisty!

I had a comment of my own but Weemos totally made me LOL!

So yea! What she said!

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