Monday, June 2, 2008

The Weekend of Pink

Thursday was Hubby's birthday and we spent it at the tattoo parlor. Not how I'd want to spend my own birthday but that's what he enjoys. I made cupcakes for all of Hubby's tattoo friends. By the time he was finished all that was really open for dinner was the fast food Chinese restaurant.

Friday, I got my replacement phone. When we were at Disneyland, the sunscreen had leaked in my purse all over my phone rendering the keyboard inoperable. Luckily, I have insurance so they sent me a new one. My old phone had been a hand-me-down and I never got the CD for my computer so all I could get was the download which didn't have the program to put music or pictures on your phone. The new one came with the CD so I'm so stoked I can put that stuff on there.

Since we couldn't go out to dinner the night before we went on Friday. Hubby's new favorite place is Benjies. We both drive by it every day on the way to work but never thought to try it until we were out with his parents and his mom remembered going there like 40 years ago. As much as I wanted one of their yummy sandwiches I opted for grilled chicken, a baked potato and veggies (cue Debbie Downer music). We were trying to decide what to do after and we were both tired so we got some movies at Blockbuster. We watched America 101 which I found really amusing.

The next day I realized it was the last day of the month and I hadn't weighed in at Weight Watchers in May. When you are lifetime you have to weigh in once a month or you have to pay the weekly fee the next time you go in. My hope is to never have to start paying again but I definitely don't want to have to pay because I couldn't get my butt in there. So as soon as I got up I went and weighed in. I was up a pound but I don't really care because I just count that as normal fluctuation. Saturday we went to the ILs for dinner to celebrate Hubby's and SIL's birthdays. When we got home that evening I decided I needed to clean my kitchen. The next thing I knew it was 1 am.

Sunday we woke up and headed to the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA. I was shocked that Hubby had never been there. They have an exhibit called La Vida Lowrider that Hubby was dying to see and it was ending next weekend. He loves most all old cars but he has a special place in his heart for lowriders. He would love to own something like this someday. My favorite part of the museum was where they had kid drawings of fantasy cars and made them into real life models.

After we toured the museum, we headed to Pink's. We have driven by so many times and always said we wanted to try it, so today was the day.

We waited in line for over an hour.

I got the Lord of the Rings dog (a hot dog with onion rings and BBQ sauce) and Hubby got the Bacon Burrito dog (two hot dogs, chili, cheese and bacon wrapped in a tortilla) and we split chili cheese fries. Oh my gaw was it a big greasy mess. I am really suprised I didn't have a heart attack right there. Good thing I weighed in the day before!

It was good but we decided we like PCH Dogs better. Since we were in an adventurous mood, we decided we'd try Pinkberry which was down the street. I've never had it and was skeptical since I'm such a die hard Golden Spoon fan. It was actually pretty good! It wasn't as tart as I was expecting and the more bland flavor tasted really good with the fruit.

After that we drove home to relax for awhile. Hubby got MarioKart for the Wii for his birthday so we played that. You are actually steering using either the steering wheel or the controller. It's really fun and makes me feel like a kid again.
That evening we went to Mrs. Knott's to celebrate Hubby's birthday with some of our friends. What a way to round out a day of eating like total crap. Thankfully today I am right back on track!


fun weekend! happy birthday to your hubs!

i've only tried pink's dogs once and frankly, i was completely underwhelmed.

God look at you!! How did you find time to do all of that in one weekend? I am surprised that you waited an hour for Pinks, I've always wondered what all the hype was about and now I see that it's just that - hype.

I'm so excited you enjoyed pinkberry. :)

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