Thursday, October 2, 2008

2 New Yummy Foods

In the last week, I have tried two new foods that I'm now addicted to.

First, Fiber One has come out with their version of the PopTart. I'm not a big PopTart person so I wouldn't be heartbroken if they turned out to be gross or didn't taste exactly like the real thing. I can't remember the last time I ate a real PopTart but I they tasted really good and didn't have that fake, diet-y taste. Since they have 5 grams of fiber and only 15 grams of sugar, I was left feeling satisfied didn't experience the crash and burn I normally get from a donut or other breakfast sweet. I tried the Strawberry ones but learned this morning when I went looking for this photo that they have chocolate fudge. I'm definitely going to try those ones next.

I've also become addicted to the Weight Watchers Cookies and Cream Bars. I don't give into the Weight Watchers food hype very often but we were at the store and I needed some WW friendly desserts to keep in the freezer. I had coupons so they only ended up being $3. I was hoping they would be good but was skeptical because a lot of times these diet desserts are the size of my thumb or taste like crap. Hubby tried these before I did and even he was hooked. They taste good and are actually decent sized. I advise looking for coupons and sales before buying any WW products. These suckers are normally $6 for a box of 6.


Ooh, the Weight Watchers ice cream bars look yummy!

the WW cone thingies are not bad either!

I don't know if they have them at your target, but the target brand has these 100 cal ice cream cones that are pretty good, although very small;(

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