Saturday, October 4, 2008


If I actually did the Slim fast diet, I would probably die after the first day. Even now that their system includes more than just a 2 shakes and dinner, I still couldn't hang with that little of food. But I love having them for breakfast. I blend them with some soy milk and ice (3 points) and it keeps me full until lunch time.

Before I started making the Slim Fast shakes, I was buying the Weight Watchers shakes which were $7 for a box of seven. All Weight Watchers products are expensive but things like the shakes that are only sold at the meeting centers are even more of a rip off. Once the shakes became my daily breakfast I decided I need to find a better option.

I have also tried the Kashi Go Lean Smoothies but before you even add the milk they are 4 points and they taste like chocolate milk blended with sand.

I haven't been able to find any Slim Fast coupons lately but occasionally they are in the Sunday paper and I've found that Walmart has it the cheapest for around $6 a tub which makes 14 shakes.


I tried Slim Fast once.

There was a reason it was only once.

my besties used to drink the fruit ones in college for breakfast. they loved them, but i never had a desire to try them.

i'm surprised the kashi ones are good since their cereals and oatmeals are bomb.

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