Thursday, October 30, 2008

I just might be insane

Being the chubby girl, Halloween costume shopping was a huge drag. I haven't even bothered with one for the last 5 years. Deep down I've always wanted to wear one of those fun sexy aka slutty costumes. Nothing super hoochie but just something with a short skirt and maybe a little cleavage. After losing weight, I decided this year would be the year. I began looking at costumes online back in August to get an idea of what was out there.
With all of the craziness that hubby's job situation has caused, Halloween has been the last thing on my mind lately. So on Tuesday, hubby suggested we go to the costume store. Biggest let down, ever. Everything was either extremely trashy looking or super expensive. Regardless of the fact that we are on a tight budget, I refuse to pay $75 for a handkerchief sized piece of fabric with some tulle underneath. So at that point I wanted to just spend my Halloween at home but we had already made plans. So at that point I just needed some sort of a costume. I didn't care for any of the regular costumes so I decided to be creative and figure out what I could come up with on my own. Some of my ideas were:

  • Emo kid-I found these instructions online. Last week I bought some skinny jeans at Forever 21 so I knew I could wear those. But after reading item 3 "Wear skin tight clothes, regardless of how fat you are" I reminded myself that this is something I could have worn any year.

  • Gossip Girl characters-I also found instructions on how to dress like Serena or Blair. My first choice would have been Blair. I love her headbands but as a blond, I don't think I could have pulled it off without a lot of people asking, "What are you?" As for being Serena, I am lacking the waifish figure and so I fear I might just look like I'm trying to dress "boho chic."

So this morning, frustrated and ready to just buy some animal ears to wear with my usual clothes, the thought occurred to me that I could sew a costume. I realize I only have one day but what's one all nighter in order to have a cute costume? I went to Walmart and found this pattern and decided on Little Red Riding Hood. I got all of the fabric, the zipper and the pattern for $33. The pattern looks similar enough to the dress I made this summer and my mom explained a few ways I can cut corners. So although it's completely crazy to take this on one night before Halloween, I'm excited! I figure blogging about it will be good motivation because I don't want the embarrassment of saying I gave up. Wish me luck!


good luck!

i can't wait to see!

Good luck! I am already impressed that you are attempting this.

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