Friday, October 3, 2008

"Diet" Food

My post yesterday got me thinking about the craziness that is diet food. On one hand, it is nice to have "healthier" (depending on what aspect you are talking about) options of my favorite foods when I'm craving them. On the other hand though, they can become my crutch and prevent me from finding a fresh, whole food alternative to satisfy me.
One of the biggest reasons I love WW is because they teach balance. I get furious at other weight loss programs that are based solely on eating their foods. I have heard of numerous people who have tried a certain program, lost a bunch of weight but as soon as they stopped eating the food, they gained the weight back because they had no idea how to eat in the real world. That means either a life of the lose the weight, gain the weight back, return to the plan and lose the weight again, gain the weight back again roller coaster or maintaining but doomed to frozen meals.

Weight Watchers does have their own version of every food item known to man (I mean is WW cheese really any different than regular reduced fat cheese?)but it is seen as an aid to their program, not the core.
Even when incorporating "diet" foods into WW, I've found that not all are a yummy low point substitute of the real thing. Because they can be so costly, I think some people are afraid to try them for fear of being a waste of money. So I'm going to start blogging about the ones I like and try my best to find links for coupons. Also, I'll blog about the ones that have made me contemplate mailing the chewed up bite of grossness to the company.


I look forward to warnings against gross WW and other diet food.

yeah, some things can be really good and others are beyond inedible.

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